A newsletter for the terminally curious

I started The Whippet because it was getting harder and harder to find interesting articles without being swamped by Trump news, and it was doing my head in. I wanted a breather from the harrowing stuff, but I didn’t want just pictures of cute animals, either, I wanted the things that make your brain light up:

  • Scientific discoveries

  • News articles about heists

  • Bizarre animals

  • History

  • The origins of words and phrases

  • What everyday life is like for, say, a Trappist monk

  • ‘Fun facts’ that have actually been checked on Snopes before re-sharing

I couldn’t find a newsletter like that so I made one myself. Sign up, see how you like it, I promise that’s the one and only time Trump gets mentioned.

Goes out every other Thursday, 7am AEST.

Think of it as the best bits of the internet without the bits that make your brain feel like a wrung-out dishcloth

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A newsletter for the terminally curious: Science, history, language, weirdness, with 0% contemporary politics, because oh my god sometimes you need a break.


McKinley Valentine
I’m a writer & editor from Melbourne, Australia. As well as The Whippet (science! history! unsolicited advice!) I research and write questions for ABC's Hard Quiz.